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Introducing the VicBooth Ultra

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Soundproof booth

A versatile and modular sound insulation pod, VicBooth Ultra is an acoustic cabin for varied applications, at an unbeatable price.

If you are looking for a space to rehearse, record or mix music or vocals with sound insulation and acoustic quality, VicBooth Ultra brings it all together, in a room that can change size depending on your needs. Designed for demanding professional audio environment application, VicBooth Ultra is developed by Vicoustic, a leading company in the acoustic solutions industry.


Sound insulation
VicBooth Ultra can achieve noise reduction levels of 30 decibels* with only 1.1” thick walls.

Made from recycled materials
Walls and ceiling in high-performance VicPET Wool, mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.

Acoustic absorption
The standard version comes with internal acoustic conditions to suit most needs, with sound absorbing walls and ceiling. Vicoustic offers additional acoustic kits for variable acoustic situations.

Modularity and expansion
The modular system of the cabin allows you to design your own booth, grow it into different sizes and update its features.

Unbeatable price
All this at an unbeatable price for a professional production booth.

*Noise Isolation Class Value calculated according to ASTM E413 in measurements taken according to ASTM E595.

Acoustic Kits
For more demanding Professional Audio applications.

Advanced options with acoustic kits developed by Vicoustic’s technicians.

You can add these Acoustic Panels to your VicBooth Ultra with VicFix System:

Technical Specs


Exterior 1076x1030x2230mm
Interior 968x968x2008mm
NIC* 30


Exterior 1076x2030x2230mm
Interior 968×1968×2008mm
NIC* 31


Exterior 2076×2030×2230mm
Interior 1968×1968×2008mm
NIC* 31


Exterior 2150×3090×2230mm
Interior 1968×2968×2007mm

*Measurements were taken according to ASTM E595 and NIC value calculated according to ASTM E413


Natural Wood


Interior Finishes Grey Fabric

Cable Passage

Path in the floor area with 70mm of diameter

Natural Ventilation

Scheme to ensure air circulation within the booth

Mechanical Ventilation

Can include ventilation system


We care

We’re recycling the equivalent to 1044 standard plastic bottles per 1x1 booth

The quality of the raw materials not only helps preserve our planet's natural resources, but also allows for the VicBooth Ultra to be more durable and environmentally conscious, whilst ensuring incredible acoustic performance.


A leading force in the industry, founded in 2007, Vicoustic understands the unique sound dynamics of a room or venue. So whether it's a Home Cinema Hi-Fi to a professional sound system for radio and television, its expertise for peak acoustic performance is second-to-none. Being at the forefront of acoustic technology, Vicoustic combines engineered systems with stunning design to bring you sound that is free of compromises, but full of high quality performance. The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of their customers, Vicoustic continuosly strives to manufacture products of superior functionality, adaptability, but all the while with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mind-set.