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VicBooth Spa

The easiest way to create a spa treatment room

The easiest way to create a spa treatment room

VicBooth Spa allows you to create private spaces, for different therapies, in an acoustically protected environment, without traditional construction, saving money and time.

Spas, hotels, corporate offices, trade shows, shopping centers, any place can become the most sophisticated therapy room, for massages, osteopathic treatment, skin care, or cosmetic action, in complete privacy, isolated from the outside.

All this with an interior made of VMT, a material developed for acoustic performance, that is safe for human health and indoor air quality.

VicBooth won the Good Design Award 2022 in Japan and the German Design Awards 2022 for outstanding design quality and acoustic treatment functionality.



Made from recycled materials
Walls and ceiling in high-performance VMT, mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.

It is possible to print any pattern or color on the interior walls of the booth.

The modular system of the cabin allows you to assemble it anywhere.

Acoustic absorption
The VMT interior presents internal acoustic sound-absorbing walls and ceiling.

Sound insulation
VicBooth Spa is designed to reduce the noise between outside and inside with only 1.1” thick walls.

The interior of the VicBooth Spa is certified with A+ Oeko-Tex (Standard 100) meeting the human ecological requirements presently established for baby articles.

Technical Specs

Booth with Standard Door

Exterior 3076x4030x2277mm
Interior 2968x3968x2008mm
Includes: 4 Large Shelfs, 3 Wall Cabinets and 1 Large Cabinet

Booth with Door with Window

Exterior 3076x4030x2277mm
Interior 2968x3968x2008mm
Includes: 4 Large Shelfs, 3 Wall Cabinets and 1 Large Cabinet

VicBooth Spa Doors include Locking system


Natural Wood


Interior Finishes 23A Texture / Green Tea Texture / Green Tea Leafs Pattern

Cable Passage

Each single unit has a 70mm diameter channel in the floor to accommodate passing cables.

Airflow Labyrinth

The Airflow Labyrinth was designed to ensure passive air circulation within the booth.

Silent Mechanical Ventilation

VicBooth Spa includes a mechanical ventilation system (4 units), designed in such a way that ensures a very low noise within the booth.


VicBooth Spa is shipped flat packed: (3 ×) 2,3 × 1,2 × 1,6 m


Easy to assemble

It's easy to assemble without requiring specialized staff

We care

We’re recycling the equivalent of 8203 plastic bottles per 3 × 4 booth

The quality of the raw materials not only helps preserve our planet's natural resources, but also allows for the VicBooth to be more durable and environmentally conscious, whilst ensuring incredible acoustic performance.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Vicoustic is the world leader in innovative acoustics

Vicoustic expertise for peak acoustic performance is second-to-none. With proven experience in the professional audio industry, being it music production, sound recording or radio and television broadcasting, Vicoustic combines engineered systems with stunning design to bring you sound that is free of compromises, but full of high quality performance.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mindset.