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VicBooth Gaming

A gaming room to play without bounds

A gaming room to play without bounds

Free yourself from the headphones and plunge into the soundscape of your game or streaming, boundless of the noise you produce or the sounds outside, in an easy to assemble soundproof booth.

Do you want to play like just few can, free from headphones? To talk and scream at home anytime while playing? To engage yourself in the atmosphere of your game? To stream your videos without outside interference? Then, VicBooth Gaming was designed for you.

A gaming and streaming soundproof acoustic cabin in a private enclosed space is the core of the new VicBooth Gaming, developed from Vicoustic’s know-how in acoustic booths for offices and professional audio recordings, winner of the German Design Award 2022 and Japan's Good Design Award 2022.



From a 2x2m to a 3x4m, you can choose the size for your booth, add or remove modules anytime and when you move home, the booth moves with you.

Dreaming to decorate your setup walls with your favorite hero or game’s designs? The VMT interior can be customized thanks to an innovative dyeing technology that allows it to reproduce any color, pattern, or design.

Do your part in helping the environment by investing on a product that uses VMT, developed from VicPET Wool, which is mainly produced from recycled plastic, paving the way for a sustainable solution, that is also recyclable.

VicBooth's VMT interior is certified with A+ Oeko-Tex (Standard 100) meeting the human-ecological requirements presently established for baby articles.

Technical specs

2 x 2

Exterior 2076 × 2030 × 2277 mm
81.7" × 79.9" × 89.6"
Interior 1968 x 1968 x 2008 mm
77.5" x 77.5" x 79"

2 x 3

Exterior 2076 x 3030 x 2230 mm
81.7" x 119.2" x 87.8"
Interior 1968 x 2968 x 2007 mm
77.5" x 116.9" x 79"

3 x 3

Exterior 3076 x 3030 x 2230 mm
121.1" x 119.3" x 87.8"
Interior 2968 x 2968 x 2008 mm
116.9" x 116.9" x 87.8"

3 x 4

Exterior 3076 x 4030 x 2230 mm
121.1" x 158.7" x 87.8"
Interior 2968 x 3968 x 2008 mm
116.9" x 156.2" x 87.8"


Natural Wood


Interior finishes VicBooth Gaming VMT Pattern

Cable passage

Each single unit has a 70mm diameter channel in the floor to accommodate passing cables.

Airflow Labyrinth

The Airflow Labyrinth was designed to ensure passive air circulation within the booth.

Silent Mechanical Ventilation

A mechanical ventilation system (included) is designed in such a way that ensures a very low noise within the booth.


Easy to assemble

It's easy to assemble without requiring specialized staff

We care

We’re recycling the equivalent of 8203 plastic bottles per 3 × 4 booth

The quality of the raw materials not only helps preserve our planet's natural resources, but also allows for the VicBooth to be more durable and environmentally conscious, whilst ensuring incredible acoustic performance.


A leading force in the industry, founded in 2007, Vicoustic understands the unique sound dynamics of a room or venue.

Being at the forefront of acoustic technology, Vicoustic combines engineered systems with stunning design to bring you sound that is free of compromises, but full of high quality performance.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of their customers, Vicoustic continuosly strives to manufacture products of superior functionality, adaptability, but all the while with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mind-set.